Common Problems:
    Alarm systems require routine maintenance for proper functioning and to reduce false alarms. The most common reasons for a service are malfunctioning door/window magnets, low battery/no power, and dirty smoke detectors. To save the expense of a needless service call, first read common problems.

Scheduling Service:
To schedule a service call at our business office (952.942.5320) between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm weekdays.
Extended Warranty Program:
$144.00/years includes:
        Annual system check-up (includes cleaning system smoke detectors)
        All repairs due to normal usage
        Primary system battery replacement
        Priority service scheduling

Regular Service Rates:
$70 trip charge, plus $25.00 each 15 minutes or fraction thereof for labor
($95.00 minimum), plus parts.

Additional devices can be added to most systems. There is a $70.00 trip charge added to the regular installed detector price (see price list) for devices requiring only one call. Additions during remodeling may require more than one trip and are quoted on a time and material basis.

Advances in electronics has increased security system reliability, serviceability, and ease ease of use. Existing detection devices are compatible with newer control equipment, making updating an obsolete system quick and cost effective. Upgrades usually consist of replacing existing control panel and keypads. Prices for upgrades are from $295.00.

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