The most common alarm problems are:
    1) Unknown flashing light on keypad
    2) Unknown buzzing sound from keypad
    3) System won't arm/disarm
    4) Smoke alarm sounding
    5) False alarm

Problem:  flashing green light on keypad
Analysis: A flashing green power light may indicate a low system battery or loss of electrical power. The flashing light may                  also be accompanied by buzzing from the alarm keypad.
    Solution:  Call our office (952.942.5320) for assistance.
    Problem: A flashing red light may indicate your system has been in alarm:
    Solution: Either pressing the asterisk (*) key or rearming/disarming the system clears the blinking red light.
               If the flashing light is on a fire zone, call our office for assistance.     

Problem: unknown buzzing sound from keypad
    Analysis: Usually a buzzing sound from the keypad is associated with a blinking green power light. This indicates a low battery condition or loss of AC power. Other sources of constant keypad buzzing may indicate more serious system problems.
    Solution: Call our office (952.942.5320) for assistance..

Problem: system won't arm
Analysis: You must have a green "ready to arm" light before you can arm your system.
     Solution: If this light is not lit, check your windows and doors to make sure they are tightly closed.
                  If you have a green "ready to arm" light, than maybe you are not be entering the proper code sequence.

Problem: system won't disarm
    Analysis: Improper disarming procedure
    Solution: If your system did not take the security code, count to ten then slowly reenter your code. Most of our systems                  require a ten second period to clear incorrect codes.  If your system still does not disarm, your system will go into                  alarm after the initial time delay period. Alarm codes are not given out over the telephone without proper account                  information.

Problem: smoke alarm sounding
Analysis: If sound is coming from the smoke detector itself, the smoke detector is probably not part of the security system                   and are wired into the AC circuit.
         Solution: You need to contact an electrician to replace them.
        Analysis: If the security system siren sounds and you have a blinking fire light on the keypad, then you have a problem with                  the alarm system smoke detector.
Solution: If the smoke detector activated for no apparent reason, it is probably dirty and needs to be cleaned by a                  technician. Call our office (952.942.5320) for assistance.

False alarm

If you have turned off your system within 30 seconds of the siren sounding, your system has probably sent our monitoring facility an automatic cancellation notice. We still recommend you call the monitoring facility to insure your cancellation has been received. Whenever you call the monitoring facility, you must identify yourself with your account number and passcode. Our personnel are not authorized to cancel any alarms with authorities without proper identification.
    The most common cause of false alarms is caused when buildings expand and contract during relatively rapid outdoor temperature changes. Other common causes of false alarms are insects nesting in motion detectors, especially in the fall, and dirty smoke detectors. We consider all false alarms to be serious, but they may occur. If you have repeated false alarms or suspect a problem with your system, please call for service. We want to conserve
the efforts of our police and fire departments.

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