Panasonic Telephone Systems

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  KX-TD7425 Digital Speakerphone             KX-TD7895 Digital Spread Spectrum Cordless


How to assess your phone needs

What are your reasons for a new phone system?
-Current System doesn't work
-Current system lacking needed features
-Need larger system,out grew old
-Starting a new business

What are your requirements?
-Number of phone lines. Telephones.
-Voice Mail
-Cordless Phones
-T1 Interface
-Low Cost

What are our recommendations?
For most commercial applications, the Digital Super Hybrid models
KX-TD816 and KX-TD1232 are most popular with existing businesses wishing to expand,
upgrade, or replace their existing system.

For smaller companies with a tighter budget and home offices,
the Advanced Hybrid model KX-TA624 is an excellent choice.

Helping you to select
-Phone Control Panel Descriptions
-Telephone Set Descriptions
Voice Mail System Descriptions


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