Panasonic Voice Mail Systems

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KX-TVS50  Voice Mail System

Why Voice Mail?
Voice mail is now the accepted method for leaving telephone messages.  

Voice Mail System vs. Voice Mail Service
The biggest factors are initial costs and maintenance.
An in-house voice mail system must operate in conjunction
with a compatible telephone system.
This may mean you need to buy a new phone system,
just to have voice mail.
(Panasonic Voice Mail Systems are compatible with the following KXT Panasonic phone systems:
KX-T1232; KX-TA624: KX-TD308; KX-TD816: KX-TD1232)

Voice Mail Terminology
Ports- the maximum number of incoming or listeners a system can handle at the same time.
    Hours- the total cumulative message storage time for all messages and greetings.
    Boxes- the maximum number of addressable units
    Auto-Attendant- when the voice mail system first answers the phone call.

2004 Pricing*

Control Equipment

Installed Price
KX-TVS50 (2 port; 32 boxes) $1,521
KX-TVS90 (2 ports, 64 boxes) $1,783
KX-TVS120 (2-4 ports; 64 boxes) $2,483
KX-TVS220 (4-12 ports; 1024 boxes) $2483
KX-TVS320 (4-24 ports; 1024 boxes) $4,235
Expansion Cards
KX-TVS52 (memory expansion card for KX-TVS50) $385
KX-TVS102  (2 port expansion card for KX-TVS120/220) $639
KX-TVS204 (4 port expansion card for KX-TVS220/320) $823

*Taxes, extra

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