Panasonic Telephone Systems
Residential/Home Office

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KX-T7720 Speakerphone                      KX-T7885 Cordless

Who needs a phone system in their home?
You have a communication problem, if you have:
more than one phone line, a home office, teenagers, modem, fax, or a large home.
A phone system integrates all your phones, telephone lines,
and phone devices into one manageable system, as well as,
becoming your intercom with the ability to answer the door!

What make a residential phone system different?
   -Residences may have as many as ten phones per person;
whereas businesses have one.
    -Residential systems need to accommodate a variety of phone types
including proprietary, single line, and cordless phones;
businesses use only proprietary phones.
    -Residences frequently use features like Caller ID, Call Waiting;
businesses seldom do.
    -Residences have specific telephone numbers for specific purposes
which need to ring specific phones, like: children's or a business line.
    -Residential systems usually include door speaker, intercom, and paging features.
    -Running wire in a residence and feature programming requires specific skills.

Why Panasonic?
Panasonic systems are "hybrid".
This means you can integrate your existing single line phones into the system,
thus saving you hundreds of dollars.
    Panasonic systems are designed with the home in mind.
There are many other reasons why Panasonic is slightly ahead of its time.

Which home system is best for you?
We recommend Panasonic's Advanced Hybrid KX-TA624.
The KX-TA624 offers superior Caller ID features, and the ability
to incorporate your existing single line and cordless phones
make the KX-TA624 hard to beat.
For a more through analysis,
see  Control Panel DescriptionsTelephone Descriptions, and  KX-TA624 Pricing.

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KX-TA624 Control Panel

Is installation difficult in an existing home?
National Home Security's installers are experts at existing home installations.
Customers are continually amazed at our installation neatness and efficiency.

Why National Home Security?

As an authorized Panasonic dealer,
we have been installing residential Panasonic phone systems
since Panasonic first entered the phone system market.
It is our ability to combine installation talent with residential applications
that has made us one of the Twin Cities largest residential installers.
In fact, we were glad to have hosted Japanese Panasonic engineers
when they studied the U.S.'s unique residential phone system market!

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