Common Phone System Problems

Does your problem affect only one phone or several?

Single Phone Problems

Improper phone switch setting:
-Check switches on the phone to make sure: ringer is "on",  programming switch is "off",    and phone is set to "handset".
    -Make sure system programming is "off".

Poor phone cord connections:
    -Make sure cord connections are secure by unplugging and replugging handset and phone-wall cords. Intermittent cutting out of the phone may mean a bad handset cord.
    -Switch problem phone with a working phone, and visa versa. If phone still does not work, it may need to be replaced or repaired.

Damaged phone:
     -Switch damaged phone part with a good one. Check phone cord connections. Handsets and cords are easily replaced.
    -If the main phone instrument is smashed or been exposed to water/ Cola, the phone may have to be replaced.

Multiple Phone and System Problems

Loss of AC power:
    -During a power outage, you can plug a standard telephone into the first extension jack and get temporary phone service until power is restored.
    -Make sure main control panel is plugged into a live AC circuit. Plug a lamp into the AC outlet to make sure it is live. Reset "ground fault" outlet and check main electrical panel circuit breakers.
   -If phones are not working properly after power returns. Push "reset" button on main control panel to clear out any system bugs. If "reset" does not clear problem, call for service.
    -To insure full phone system operation during a power outage, you should have a standby power supply (UPS).

Incoming telephone lines:
-If you have loss of dial tone or static on more than one phone, call your local telephone company and have them check your phone lines into the building. Intermittent static on phone lines may be caused by moisture in telephone lines and is a phone company problem to repair.
-Loss or improperly working features such as: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Hunting/Rollover and Call Blocking are provided by your local telephone company and are not features of the telephone system.

Water damage to control panel:
-If water has gotten into the main control panel, the panel needs to be replaced. Water and electronics just don't mix.

Lightening/power surges/brown outs:
-Lightening need not strike a building to cause serious problems. Lightening can enter the telephone system from AC power, the incoming phone lines, or be picked up from internal telephone wiring.
    -Power surges and brown outs may not be apparant to you, but do affect the phone system. We recommend a standby power supply (UPS) to both protect your phone system and to insure its proper operation.
    -Pushing the "reset" button on the main phone control panel sometimes corrects minor effects of lightening/power surges. If this does not restore your system, call for service.
    -AC and telephone line surge protectors and standby power supplies (UPS) reduce damage caused by electrical anamoloies and insure proper system operation.

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