About HAI Control Systems

An HAI Building Controller is a system which integrates security, heating/air-conditioning, and lighting systems
of either a home or business into one easy to use system at an affordable price.

Enhanced Security
The HAI Controller is a fully functioning UL-listed security system-only smarter. Besides notifying police and fire departments, the HAI Controller can turn on lights and shut down furnace fans in case of fire, lighting controls can make a vacant house appear occupied, and sensors detect furnace failures or carbon monoxide gas. The system "speaks to you" and alerts exactly what part of
your system has been activated. The system even alerts you when your garage door is open! You can telephone your system to check or change system status or adjust lights and temperature. If you already have a security system, our building controller uses your existing detection devices. If you do not have security, wired or wireless detection devices can easy to installed in any house. National Home Security provides 24 hour monitoring services and remote programming services, so you never have to read a manual.

Temperature and Comfort Control
Everyone wants to save money on increasing fuel bills without sacrificing comfort. The HAI controller is able to automate your existing heating and cooling systems to keep you comfortable while reducing energy costs whether you are home or away. The technology used in the HAI Controller is the same as used to control large commercial buildings. Your controller can be programmed remotely by National Home Security, so you never have to program a thermostat again. However, you can override the system's program anytime when the need arises.

Lighting Control
Rather than manually controlling lighting by turning a switch on or off, the HAI Controller can operate your lights to create different effects for when you are home, away, entertaining, guests arrive, or going to get a drink of water at night. You can create dramatic architectural lighting effects. Lighting sequences can even be timed with sunset and sunrise or when you operate your security system.

Control of Other Systems
The HAI Controller can operate your lawn sprinkler system to operate when you lawn needs water. It can be programmed to control pool & spa functions, control the volume of your audio system, or operate cameras.

Control over the Telephone
All HAI Controllers can be remotely operated over the telephone either from phones inside your house or calling your system remotely.

Control over Internet
HAI's Web-Link II software can access and operate your controller over the internet with easy to read displays. Web-Link II softaware provides additional functions such as email notification when your children return home from school, or view your video surveillance system.

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